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Dear Friend,

Let me be the first to welcome you to, the worlds premiere website for buying and selling dance and skating costumes. As a dance studio owner and dance mom with 30 years of costume purchasing experience, I understand the hard work that goes into costume design, selection, ordering, fitting, and altering. Im also experienced with giving parents the bill for their childs six costumes and noting their understandable frustration at the cost. I knew that there had to be a better way.

In my travels, Ive seen literally thousands of amazing costumes that all have many things in common:

  • They are owned by someone who would gladly sell them at the end of the dance year.
  • They are low mileage, having been worn for less than a half an hour since they were new.
  • They are kept by dance parents, who protect the costumes like its their job.

I believe will fulfill your need to find beautiful costumes at a fraction of the price. It will also allow you to spend top dollar on new costumes, knowing that a portion of the purchase price may be returned to you. Either way, its a win-win.

Happy shopping!


Kim Fink

Jazz Diva Silver Feathers

Circus Costume

Lyrical Contemporary - Reign O'er Me

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